More Than a Few Good Men

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  by Jackson Katz ©1999 How can we get a critical mass of men — at UMass and around the country — to speak out about men’s violence against women? How can we make sexist attitudes or behaviors toward women socially unacceptable among men? How can we encourage more than … Read More

A Call to Men: It’s Time

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  by Tony Porter ©2009 It’s time for those of us who are “well-meaning men” to begin to acknowledge the role male privilege and socialization play in domestic violence, sexual assault and violence against women in general. It’s time for us to claim the collective responsibility we have in ending … Read More

Winona County Clean Hotels Policy

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  Clean Hotel Policy A Resolution Amending the Winona County Travel Expenses and Reimbursements Policy and Implementing a Clean Hotel Policy Whereas, Winona County spends significant resources to deal with the impact of sexual and domestic violence through Community Health, Human Services, law enforcement, and other departments and partner organizations, … Read More

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